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Algorithm Provenance

View the details of all of our calculation algorithmsFull Margin of Error & Guideline source information coming soon

JurisdictionLiveLast UpdatedMargin of ErrorMethodologyGuideline SourceNotes
Alabama05/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Alaska05/01/2023🔜% of Obligor's IncomeGuideline Source🚧
Arizona06/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Arkansas06/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
California01/01/20233.5%Income SharesGuideline Source🔜
Colorado05/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Connecticut06/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Delaware06/01/2023🔜Melson FormulaGuideline Source🚧
Florida05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Georgia05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Hawaii06/01/2023🔜Melson FormulaGuideline Source🚧
Idaho05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Illinois05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Indiana06/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Iowa05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Kansas05/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Kentucky05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Louisiana05/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Maine05/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Maryland05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Massachusetts06/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Michigan05/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Minnesota05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Mississippi05/01/2023🔜% of Obligor's IncomeGuideline Source🚧
Missouri06/13/20230.49%Income SharesGuideline Source🔜
Montana06/01/2023🔜Melson FormulaGuideline Source🚧
Nebraska05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Nevada05/01/2023🔜% of Obligor's IncomeGuideline Source🚧
New Hampshire05/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
New Jersey05/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
New Mexico05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
New York01/01/20230%Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
North Carolina⚠️06/20/20230.75%Income SharesGuideline Source🔜
North Dakota06/01/2023🔜% of Obligor's IncomeGuideline Source🚧
Ohio05/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Oklahoma05/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Oregon05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Pennsylvania05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Rhode Island05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
South Carolina05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
South Dakota05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Tennessee01/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Texas06/14/20230%% of Obligor's IncomeGuideline Source🔜
Utah06/01/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Vermont05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Virginia06/14/20230.8%Income SharesGuideline Source🔜
Washington01/01/2023🚧Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
West Virginia05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧
Wisconsin06/01/2023🔜% of Obligor's IncomeGuideline Source🚧
Wyoming05/09/2023🔜Income SharesGuideline Source🚧